Thursday, March 25, 2010


You could probably wondering what that is. It is neither a child nor a parrot babbling. That five repeating syllable of 'ku' has its meaning and is actually Malay compound words.

ku = shorter expression of aku = I / me / my
kuku = fingernail
kukuku = my fingernail
kukukuku = kuku-kuku = fingernails
kukukukuku = kuku-kukuku = my fingernails

That is the art of language. Isn't it interesting?

Kukukukuku has nothing to do with Cuckoo Clock or Coo Coo Duckling

Fingernail is called 'kuku' in Malay

Now try to figure this out:

"Kuku-kuku kakiku kaku"

You can use dictionary to look up for the meaning or if you find it hard, just check with your Malay speaking friends. Good luck...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Too many ants? Get rid of them today!

Ants could probably the most organized non-human creatures on the planet. They are also the hardest working, excellent team workers and super strong creatures that can lift at least 20 times of their body weight. Yet, they are also one of the most annoying when they actively roam and march all over the place. I consider it alarming if they start crawling over your body while you're having sweet dreams.

What are the reasons for having too many ants in your house? From my observation, it has always been about food. Human dwelling place, which is normally food rich, is also habitable to those tiny creatures. Once it becomes its happy hunting ground, that's it! You are going to have a very hard time to phase them out.

I'm not an ant expert. I will never be. But living in a tropical country like Malaysia, in which ants are consistently coexistence, have given me a better understanding on their behaviour, how they work and the conditions that draw them to our dwelling places. Therefore, let me share some of my experience, i.e. how to get rid of them.

As a Muslim, what I learn, never kill insects with fire. Except, if they are harmful, they may be killed with insecticides (please refer to your religious scholars for better explanation).

Secondly, I don't believe feeding with sugar or any kind of food outside your courtyard, is a solution for ants removal. Instead, it will make them grow healthier and may end up in larger colony. Besides, what will happen when you stop feeding them?

Family ant bait (available in TESCO and popular store)

If you really want to get rid of them, try to use ant bait. It's clean and huffing free. I used Family Ant Bait (brand name). It works well for tropical ants, regardless the colour whether they are red or black, seriously by God will it works! But of course it is not a minute reaction. It takes days for you to see the result (at least five days).

Simple step: Uncap and place at least two ant baits near your food waste. For my case, I parked them near the rubbish bin. Add more ant baits as required.

Let them enjoy the baits. Black ants crowding the ant baits within two minutes of uncapping. Fast, eh?

Now at my home, ants are almost unnoticed. No more annoyance by ants. Try it!