Sunday, February 7, 2010

Poco-Poco no more

Poco-Poco (pronounced as pocho-pocho) is a folk dance originated from the region of Sulawesi-Moluccas-Papua in Indonesia. Unlike aerobic exercise that the movement is normally choreographed to the music, Poco-Poco on the other hands according to their fans is more to a simple body exercise that consists of six simple steps but still fun and entertaining.

I was introduced to this dance when I attended a compulsory training course in 2008. At that time I wasn't aware that Poco-Poco has been quite popular amongst the wives of diplomats of the two countries, Indonesia-Malaysia. Now it is no longer exclusive to the VIPs, in fact it has become a routine exercise in many government's programs in Indonesia and Malaysia.

The question is do I like this dance? Well to be honest, I respect Poco-Poco for being a cultural dance but it is just not my preference of exercise. Not just because I'm not comfortable to dance in public, the most important because I'm a Muslim. Besides there are so many ways to exercise without singling out to Poco-Poco. It is such a shame to see Muslim women with hijab dancing Poco-Poco without realizing how clownish they look, sorry ladies.

I may have joined Poco-Poco for the second time last year. I may have seen all those clownish acts and moves. I will make sure that that will be the last. No more Poco-Poco for me, inshaAllah.

By the way, I found a video showing Mr Bean dances Poco-Poco. Although it is a fake video but it's enough to convince me not to dance Poco-Poco again.

This is what happens when Mr Bean tries to dance Poco-Poco
I almost lost my breath watching this video. Thanks Joey JY for uploading. It's really funny

Saturday, February 6, 2010

HP customer participation program: Customize your installation

When I googled for 'HP Customer Participation program (CPP)', I found many users want it to be removed. The main reasons were simply because it consumes a lot of HD space and slow down their computers. Depending on the printer model and version of CPP, some claimed to suffer 110 to 293 MB HD space utilization. Well to me it's definitely too much for the so-called 'Customer Participation Program'.

Some intended to remove/uninstall the program but afraid to do so due to the warning dialog "Removal of these programmes is NOT recommended if you are going to continue to use any of the following devices with this computer - HP Photosmart All-in-one".

Well users, no need to be panic. You still can remove the CPP totally without getting the warning dialog appears on your screen or without worrying that your HP Deskjet All-In-One will not work correctly. What you need to do is to customize your installation.

First thing first, uninstall all your HP Deskjet All-In-One software. Redo installation process. Choose Advanced Install. Just allow HP to check for updates, no harm. Then select Custom (for advanced users)*.

Under custom installation untick HP CPP (a must do action). For a guy of my standard I will only install HP Update, HP Solution Center and HP Imaging Device Functions. You can select whatever you like according to your preference. Press next to continue installation.

Then don't forget to restart your computer. In case of missing file(s), let your computer search the missing file(s) from your CD installer. I'm sure your HP Deskjet All-In-One will function as per intended use, inshaAllah. I hope this helps, good luck.