Sunday, October 27, 2013

Drone strikes - We maybe next

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that remotely controlled by a human operator at a pilot station. It can also be controlled via satellite transmission when direct link is unavailable. Drone has been integrated into modern warfare as a military surveyor that provides geospatial intelligence and recently ability to strike from air without risking of a pilot.

Drone spy plane 

The first time I heard about drone was when I read BBC news a few years back. Apart from Aljazeera and a few independent media, I normally follow BBC World News particularly on the Middle East. Palestinian issue is a never ending story, the more I read the more I get used to all sad stories. People got killed or injured due to Israeli attacks are perhaps common headlines in the Middle East that my brain has to digest and rationalize how 'cheap' Palestinian blood can be. How can I stop hating Israel and America if killing the Palestinians could be morally justified as Israeli self-defense response?

Why are we so blind to see the truth? When 29 Palestinian civilians killed by the Israeli drones during the Gaza conflict in 2009, the world do nothing about the genocide, as if it's just a video game, despite the hardship created towards the bullied Palestinian victims and families. Until middle of 2013, based on a few trusted sources, almost 1000 Palestinians killed by drones alone, sadly more than two-thirds were civilians involving women and children.

Now drone strikes have been extended to other Muslim nations such as Yemen and Pakistan, a warfare that has become common in the US pursuit of al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The allegedly senior al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders have been killed in drone strikes in Pakistan, but civilians were also among the casualties. These attacks stirred outrage in Pakistan, which many assert that the strikes cause indiscriminate deaths to the military target (allegedly 'military target' as publicized by American-controlled media) and civilians. There were also many reported cases of drone attacks in Afghanistan, Somalia and the Philippines.

The question is - if drone-launched missiles are considered among the most precise weapons in the world, why the so-called 'accurate and coordinated military strikes' led to loss of civilian lives?

Besides, is the place of attack a war zone that you (America) can simply advocate the use of lethal force?

As far as the international law is concerned, you must first verify if targets were combatants, and if there are civilians, they must first be evacuated from the war zones.

Since pictures and videos from the independent reporters confirmed that the indiscriminate killing continues, obviously US-Israel have been above all laws of the entire universe for too long. This means 'the inhuman and the unlawful killings' is perhaps permissible as long as they are executed by the name of US or Israel, the biggest terrorists of all kinds. And their unlawful acts and crimes against humanity are going to remain unchallenged unless more than two-thirds of the people of America themselves take a huge stand against their government.

When I read "Will I be next?", a new report from Amnesty International released on 22 October 2013, I came to understand that the killing, and several other so-called targeted killings from US drone strikes in Pakistan, violated the right to life and may constitute extrajudicial executions or war crimes. Most of us actually already knew that but we are nobody to take actions, so thanks to Amnesty International for documenting the crimes and releasing the report.

Do they look like terrorists to you? Obviously drone strikes do NOT discriminate civilians and military targets

So innocent people of the world out there, whenever you spot a drone flying overhead, 'strike a pose' before the drone strikes at you and post it to a proper channel for protest. We don't know who is going to be next, maybe you maybe me...


To drone operators... please have a heart
If you have a family and love ones, they have too
You definitely can make a difference... PEACE

Friday, October 25, 2013


When anyone receives supermarket vouchers, I'm sure most of ordinary people like us won't refuse (unless you are too rich to need such). For me, it surely can save some Ringgit, although it just cost one Ringgit or two.

But what are you going to do if you hold 'magic vouchers'? Like me, I currently hold extra Tesco vouchers, which sent to my home address under a different name - Martin Furneaux. I'm not surprised if I receive emails or phone calls from wrong senders/callers but to my home address and from Tesco, where the content is legitimate, that's weird!

Martin's Clubcard statement was sent to my address

So who is Martin Furneaux? No one of my household named Martin Furneaux. Martin Furneaux sounds so French to me. If he's not then he could probably a British with French surname. Naaa... I don't want to waste my time guessing, so I presumed that he is just a tourist who stopped by at my hometown Tesco to do some shopping.

I already checked with Tesco, they have his passport no. and mobile number however when I called it ends up with number not available tone.

So if you are MARTIN FURNEAUX, please contact me because you have a lot of vouchers to spend. To date, by accumulation, he earns Clubcard cash vouchers of almost RM40 (= GBP7.82 = USD12.70), valid until 2015. As a Muslim, where honesty is important, it is my duty not to spend something which is not mine. I like to keep it until I meet the owner rather than to give to someone else. So if you are the one, just leave a message under comment section (only write once because it's moderated).