Monday, March 12, 2007

The Taste of Wasabi - Oh My God!!!

First of all, let me remind my Muslim brothers. Beware of Japanese food because a lot of them are non-halal. We don't want non-halal stuff to become part of our blood and flesh. They will darken our hearts. TESCO sushi in Malaysia however has been certified halal by Islamic Authority of Malaysia. I bought one Sushi set consists of Makizushi and Nigirizushi with different toppings. The seaweed taste delicious. However I don't like the Japanese 'sambal belacan', which they called it wasabi. Taste awful man... From far, it looks like green peppermint paste (Malay: sambal pudina). I just dipped my sushi on the wasabi paste and fed them into my mouth with my smiling face. Oooooooooooo.... I screamed like tarzan. It bites my tongue and I can feel the wasabi vapour irritates my nasal passage. Oh my God!! That's it! Awwal marra akhir marra (The first and the last).

Wasabi Chemistry
Wasabi is a member of cabbage family, Wasabia japonica. The flavour mainly comes from the chemical ingredient - methylthioheptyl isothiocyanate.
Chemical formula: CH3S(CH2)7NCS

It may also consist of other form of isothiocyanates. Is it poisonous? Don't worry because it is NOT isocyanate (isocyanate is highly toxic - I used in my Master's research). Furthermore isothiocyanates in wasabi are less than 0.5%. A few studies showed that it acts as microb inhibitor. Some claimed that it can neutralize poison in seafood. So think about it.

Want to Try Wasabi?

It is easy to condemn other people's dish. We simply don't like it because their food do not style the way we are used to and tastes different than our custom food. I do appreciate dishes and delicacy from other cultures as long as they are halal. Therefore I would say you should try it. But make it very thin. Me... I like to try it again.


Azreena said...


Found your link at wid's blog =)

Tips to really enjoy your wasabi...hold you breath from the time it enter your mouth,kunyah2..nyam2..nyam2...until it arrived your esophagus safely =p Then only u can sambung your nafas.otherwise,memang la rasa nak pecah gegendang telinga,wahai Encik Izat =)

I never knew about this tips until my husband 'taught' me the right way of consuming wasabi.hehe..he learnt this from his Singaporean friend when he was in Cairo.before that,he also had went through the 'telinga berasap' moment while 'melantak' wasabi 'without any knowledge' =p

Izat Ezwan said...

'Hold your breath...' What a wonderful tips. Feel like diving.. hehe.. Anyway, will try. Sebenarnya I masih makan Sushi dengan cicah wasabi (tapi wasabi tu I makan sikit jer), last sekali kalau tak silap 3 bulan lepas, Sushi Tesco jer... huhu. Pasni, dgn tips ni, bole la I try cicah banyak sikit (tapi tak sampailah dua sudu, takut tercabut hidung pulak)..hehe.

Thanks Azreena for dropping by. Pasni I belanja you and your husband makan sushi.. :)

Azreena said...

bestnye kalau ada org belanja sushi kat sheffield ni...hmm..

Izat Ezwan said...

Jauh sangat lah Sheffield tu.. hehe
Ha, camner life kat sana?

Berapalah harga sushi kat sana yek :-)

Azreena said...

AlhamduliLLAH, kat Sheffield ok...nice place to stay =)

Seronok jugak puasa kat tempat org ni..kalau kat M'sia rasa mcm terlalu duniawi menyambut Ramadhan.Dgn nafsu memborong kt Bazaar Ramadhannye, bukak tv iklan pasal perabot/rancangan TV raya, pegi ofis dgn order kuih raya pulak, balik rumah teringat baju raya tak siap lagi bla..bla..kat sini tak payah fikir semua tu.relax je =)