Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hayat FM

The portal of The Official Hayat FM Website

I couldn't remember the first time I listened to this radio station, perhaps, somewhere early 2007. Hayat FM (FM حياة) is an Arabic Radio Station from Jordan, broadcast in FM band at 104.7 MHz. Since Hayat FM is also transmitted via internet, it can be heard outside Jordan, including my country Malaysia.

Why I like to listen to Hayat FM?

1. Hayat FM offers a non-stop Arabic environment for free.
- I'm not an Arab but I love Arabic language and I believe many other Malaysians like it too. It's such a shame that we don't have such Arabic Radio station in Malaysia. What I learned, in order to master such language, we need to have an environment that constantly airs the native style of communication.

2. Hayat FM offers a variety of programs that confined to my Islamic cultures and suit my ears.
- It has Quran, nasheed, Islamic Preaching, daily life discussion, etc. (by the way, their selection of nasheeds is way better than our very own Radio IKIM), which makes Hayat FM one of the best Arabic Radio stations on earth.

3. Hayat FM offers listeners both standard Arabic and Jordanian Arabic
- I used to learn and practice basic Jordanian/Palestinian Arabic when I was doing my post-graduate studies in USM Penang (majority of my Arab friends are Jordanian/Palestinian). I don't want to lose both accents just like that. As a working guy, I don't have time to go to Arabic classes as well. Listening to Hayat FM helps me to at least recall some of the vocabularies.

*I'm aware that some Islamic preaches are delivered in Egyptian accent (because the preachers are Egyptians). Well, it's okay to me.

How to listen to Hayat FM via internet?
(Guidelines for non-Arabic speakers)

Click the link below to go to Hayat FM Website:

Then click the smiley icon with headphone that renders 'Launch Player Application' to pop up on your screen.

Click the smiley icon to initiate Hayat FM radio

Launch Application will pop up on your screen

Choose your player and click OK. It will play in your player, as simple as that. Unless you are using proxy, you may have limited access.

I do encourage Arabic learners to listen to Hayat FM. You'll enjoy, inshaAllah.


*By the way, I would like to thank my Jordanian brother Khalid Jaber for introducing Hayat FM to me.