Monday, September 5, 2011

Michael Sanguinetti - Thanks for your remark!

“I know I am not supposed to say this, but if you really want to know how not to get raped don’t dress like a slut.”

That was the remark made by Michael Sanguinetti at the Osgoode Hall that has sparked protest in Toronto Canada and some other parts of the world. What has went wrong? Was the statement so offensive until some students and staff of Osgoode Hall Law School demanded an apology?

To me, Sanguinetti's remark wasn't an overstatement. I believe it was sincere and truly from his years of experience and observations. His intention was to protect them just like most fathers and husbands do. It maybe harsh to some girls but agreeable to some others. Do you think your piece of advice will satisfy everyone on this planet?

My post has nothing to do with BATTLE OF THE SEXES. So don't get me wrong here.

I respect females as what they are. At the same time I don't like women to be viewed as sex objects by men. I think we would have been a lot better off by encouraging women to dress in modesty rather than revealingly. I know it's hard because modern girls are way daring than the traditional girls. Some of them are very prepared to do anything to 'please a boyfriend', 'get a boyfriend' or even 'steal other people's boyfriend'. It would be no surprise if they make themselves very flirty as well 'look hot and sexy'. It's such a shame when it end up a sad story. Therefore we, people of a civilized society have to reevaluate our responsibility.

I still remember, Princeton psychologist Susan Fiske, who presented her findings at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago on February 15, 2008 concluded that male behavior towards females is influenced by highly sexualized images of women. As a man, I totally agree with Fiske. Women's degree of sexyness to some extent does promote beast quality in men. Do you think everyman can control their desire and regulate their arousal?

So don't punish Michael Sanguinetti for his remark, and no need for SlutWalk. Although SlutWalk began marching the street about one and a half month later, majority of women didn't agree with the protest (I coudn't see one at my locality). I've seen the SlutWalk images. It's a lot filthier than I thought it was. SlutWalk was clearly a sexual harassment on men and it tarnished the reputation of good women.

I'm not strong enough to be in Sanguinetti's position but I do admire him for his words. Although I see no necessity for Sanguinetti to apologize, he actually did two days after his remark. I wonder whether it really came from him or his department. I guess no need to further speculate.

Those who against Michael Sanguinetti, think again, because this police officer is a lot wiser than you think he is...

Kitty says: Human can dress better than me... Meow!
As we always hear people say...
If you dress like a merchant, people treat you like a merchant.
If you dress like a beggar, people treat you like a beggar.

We don't need to be analysts to understand the above. We don't need any complex mathematics to prove or disprove the above. Just look at the logic, enough said.

So if you dress like a slut, don't expect people treat you like a Queen of England! Huhu... Meow!