Sunday, February 1, 2009

Singapore proud of cooperation with Israel

Singapore and Israel have benefited each other through their very close bilateral relations. In 1965, after its separation from Malaysia, Singapore looked to Israel for some lessons in survival. As part of the long-term strategy for international recognition and reputation, Israel extended aid to newly-independent Singapore by sending a mission to help build Singapore's economic and defense policy. Israel's representation in Singapore was first formalized in 1968. Now Singapore is Israeli third most important strategic partner in defense development. Therefore it is far from surprising when Singapore is coined as "The Israel of the East" by the Muslim community of South East Asian nations particularly Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and South Thailand.

Considering the devastating crimes committed by Israel in Palestine, such strategic partnership with Israel from neighbouring country like Singapore is totally NOT acceptable. I was very upset with the establishment of Singapore-Israel Industrial Research Development Foundation (SIIRD). I didn't realize it has been in operation since 1997, don't you?

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