Sunday, February 15, 2009

He teaches me about permission but...

One day I received an overseas call. It was from my ex-hostel mate (Friend A). We used to study together when we were in the university. He requested a HP number of an old friend (Friend B) that is still studying here, so I promptly gave. When he requested for another one (Friend C), I said I need to check with that old friend (Friend B). So I sent sms to this old friend (Friend B).

This old friend (Friend B) said he cannot give the number without his friend's (Friend C) permission. I just said alhamdulellah in my heart. I did tell him that I will let Friend A knows about his (Friend B) strict rule, so he (Friend A) can get the number by himself. So I replied to Friend A regarding the strict rule Friend B follows. This thing happened somewhere last year and I don't know whether Friend A managed to get Friend C's number from Friend B.

I was wondering why B made it hard since A, B and C are close friends. If it is about the 'permission' as prescribed in our religion, then B does not practice what he preaches. As far as I am concern, B many times uses pirated software perhaps everyday in his life. And what I learned, it is not permissible to copy software without permission from the original author or the copyright holder (ref: Islam QA). Should not we look at ourselves in a mirror before trying to correct others?

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