Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Arrived late to work today

I left my rental house at around 7.47 am and thought of arriving before 8 am. I get caught in a bumper to bumper traffic after exiting Taman Mutiara for about 1 km. I have a gut feeling there could probably a major accident ahead, in which I was right. Khairuldin, my housemate was about 10 cars behind me. The accident involved a trailer and a van. From what I saw, it's so fatal and I strongly believe somebody could have died. Na'uzubillah..

Deform at the front side of the trailer

View from my car: I can see heavy damage on the van

What I learned today, we must always be cautious on the road. Careful, don't be selfish and think about others too. For Muslims, make doa, inshaAllah khair. I finally arrived at around 9 am.

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