Saturday, July 23, 2011

Episode 57: The Kulim Magic School Bus - Lost In The Jurassic

This is the Malaysian Kulim version of The Magic School Bus. Similar to the American version, this episode's main aim is to show that dinosaurs weren't all terrifying monsters, like movies often make them out to be.

The Kulim version of Magic School Bus has never been aired on TV, so I would like to take this chance to show you some snapshots from the real footage of "Lost In The Jurassic".

WARNING! This program contains scenes that some viewers may find it offensive, therefore parental discretion is advised... hehe

Now we understand that dinosaurs weren't all terrifying monsters...

From left to right: Nasha, Syed and Aswad (The Kids), Me (Mr Frizzle, the teacher) and Hafiz (Mr Garth, the PE teacher)

Actually the photos above were taken at Petrosains Dinotrek - Dino Dance exhibit on 17 May 2011. Too much funny moments during the photo shoot, alhamdulellah it was fun...