Saturday, May 22, 2010

Man vs Food: The Ugly Truth

Airs on Astro Malaysia Channel 707

Man vs Food - I have watched the show, never the entire episodes, but many times still. This makes me wonder since in reality I hate competitive food eating, regardless whether it is a contest or a TV show. The host, Adam Richman may have gained superfluous popularity for being an extraordinary food conqueror of the planet but I doubt whether he feels himself a winner or a loser. It was not because of the popular Adam Richman that drives me to watch the show, in fact my curiosity to know whether he can survive excessive food stuffing challenge was the utmost compelling factor.

Adam Richman is just an enthusiastic eater

Watching him eating doesn't scare me much but I do concern about his competitive eating style, in which in a long run may destroy his health forever. I'm a big fan of The Biggest Loser. I've seen people worked hard to be healthy. It is such a shame to see Man vs Food goes on the contrary. And I pity Adam for the choice he made to be the hungry eater.

I'm aware that he does some exercises for maintaining his health but the question is, is it enough to offset the calorie intake? What say you Adam?

High rating reflects its popularity and people may have fun watching it but still Man vs Food is so unhealthy to watch particularly for those overweight. The TRUTH is competitive eating style is very very unhealthy, not just because it has high possibility to make one overweight, besides there are other risks, i.e. choking and damaging the stomach by stuffing food/junkies beyond its routine capacity.

Man vs. food can make one looks very ugly

Another truth - food can never fight man. It is men who fight among themselves for food.