Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kulim-Taiping weekly travel: now I save 40 km

There are at least three common routes connecting Taiping and Kulim. Since I am a weekly traveler, such distance above 100 km will be considered long distance. Thus shorter traveling time is preferred, even though I have to pay more for tolls.

I use the most popular 'faster route' Taiping Utara-Juru PLUS Highway and Butterworth-Kulim Expressway (BKE) for my weekly Taiping-Kulim routing. It is convenient, clean, non-snakey and almost clear from potholes.

I never thought of trying other routes until my friend Asri convinced me of the Kulim-Serdang-Bandar Baharu-Taiping Utara route as shorter and passable.
Road map clearly shows that Kulim-Serdang-Bandar Baharu-Taiping Utara is a shorter route compared to the popular highway route

I tried the route last two weeks. To be honest, it was fun. I love the countryside, it's beautiful. It was far from snakey and the traveling time was comparable with the so-called 'faster route', i.e. 1.5 hours. So, not bad at all. The most important, I save 43 km petrol consumption and RM7.30 of highway tolls.

Distance from my rental house (Kulim) to my house (Taiping)
...via Taiping Utara-Juru PLUS Highway + BKE = 137 km
...via Kulim-Serdang-Bdr Baharu-Taiping = 94 km
(save 43 km)

Toll fares
...via Taiping Utara-Juru PLUS Highway + BKE = RM8.50 + RM3.20 = RM11.70
...via Kulim-Serdang-Bdr Baharu-Taiping Utara = RM4.40
(save RM7.30 (USD2.15))

Route selection is not a simple equation. Some prefer shorter distance, some prefer faster traveling time. The choice is yours... To me I accept any alternative routes as long as it is passable, shorter and non-boring drive..


I found another shorter route! You should read this too:
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Mr. Kevin said...

CEH, org dh bgtahu lama pun! suka sangat naik hi-way.
try ni pulak kulim-junjung-masuk tol jawi-taiping. tol jimat sikit

Izat Ezwan said...

Bolehlah cuba..
Tapi tol Jawi-Taiping Utara tu RM6.10 lebih sikit la dari Bandar Baharu-Taiping Utara RM4.40.

Cadangan diterima...

姚茂珊 said...
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Wid Shualdi said...

Izat, kl izat terer, blogger kat atas ni tulis ape he3 (^_~)

Mr. Kevin said...

I wish you a new day has grown

dan ~~....... (titik-titik) tuh link ke w/site lain
''. tak perlu klik. hehehe

Izat Ezwan said...

新的一天 祝你有所成長~~ ............

Tak faham lah Wid tapi Din dah jelaskan pun... (pakai google translate kot)
Tak perasan plak titik2 tu bole klik. Semua gambar amoi, siksi abis... huhu

(Sori terpaksa delete)

Wid Shualdi said...

bravo, din memang terer. hehe..
saya pun tgk kt google translate.

eee yeke..xtau plk ye titik2 tu blh klik. mmg patut remove pun. nnt x psl2 izat bersubahat! hehe...