Saturday, May 22, 2010

Man vs Food: The Ugly Truth

Airs on Astro Malaysia Channel 707

Man vs Food - I have watched the show, never the entire episodes, but many times still. This makes me wonder since in reality I hate competitive food eating, regardless whether it is a contest or a TV show. The host, Adam Richman may have gained superfluous popularity for being an extraordinary food conqueror of the planet but I doubt whether he feels himself a winner or a loser. It was not because of the popular Adam Richman that drives me to watch the show, in fact my curiosity to know whether he can survive excessive food stuffing challenge was the utmost compelling factor.

Adam Richman is just an enthusiastic eater

Watching him eating doesn't scare me much but I do concern about his competitive eating style, in which in a long run may destroy his health forever. I'm a big fan of The Biggest Loser. I've seen people worked hard to be healthy. It is such a shame to see Man vs Food goes on the contrary. And I pity Adam for the choice he made to be the hungry eater.

I'm aware that he does some exercises for maintaining his health but the question is, is it enough to offset the calorie intake? What say you Adam?

High rating reflects its popularity and people may have fun watching it but still Man vs Food is so unhealthy to watch particularly for those overweight. The TRUTH is competitive eating style is very very unhealthy, not just because it has high possibility to make one overweight, besides there are other risks, i.e. choking and damaging the stomach by stuffing food/junkies beyond its routine capacity.

Man vs. food can make one looks very ugly

Another truth - food can never fight man. It is men who fight among themselves for food.



I am concern with children watching this glutton. Many are trying to stop children obesity including the first lady Michelle Obama. I hope travel channel stop this show.

Izat Ezwan said...

Thanks Santos for expressing your concern. Educating people is one thing but being truthful is another. We know and they know. They can stop the show if they want to but as far as how much money they can generate from the show, I don't think they will. This is just one of many examples of when the truth turns ugly. So pathetic, isn't it?

Once Fallen said...

In all fairness, "The Biggest Loser" is the extreme opposite of this show and just as potentially dangerous. The level of exercise on the show would challenge even pro athletes, yet it is applied to those who've likely never had that level of activity. Some former contestants have broken the silence about that show. Of greatest concern is the use of dehydration to exaggerate weight loss. Much of the info comes from former contestant Kai Hubbard.

Izat Ezwan said...

No doubt that both shows are on the extreme opposite. My concern is what impact will it give to the audience. One show motivates people to stay or be healthy, while the other one portrays the wrong side of it. If it is about 'being potentially dangerous', many things are actually are. If you are late to work, you might want to drive as fast as possible to reach your workplace, in order not to get sacked. Without realizing it, you might be driving in the most dangerous way. If you're lucky you'll reach your workplace safely, otherwise you'll end up in the hospital. It is our choice. The same goes to the 'The Biggest Loser' contestants, as far as the objectives of the show, they can choose to quit from the very beginning, or choose not to perform so that they can be easily eliminated, or strategize their game and lose weight the right way. The most important The Biggest Loser inspires many to embrace a healthy lifestyle :-).

Isis said...

leaving this too others who have commented.. he lives a a very healthy lifestyle other than the eating.. He states and make it perfectly clear that hes not an competive eater. he excercise and lives a very heart healthy life style.

EricsmomTimsgal said...

I think that if kids do watch this show, parents need to make sure they let the kids know that there is no reality in this reality show. If someone ate like this guy does on a routine basis, they would be obese, not in the shape that he appears.

Actually I've known some folks who see Biggest Loser as something that keeps them from working off the pounds. They think it's got to be someone being a drill sargeant on them to get them to lose weight. There is quite a bit of drama that doesn't have to be there for people who successfully lose weight.

Since man people are depressed who are seriously obese, the last thing they need is for weight loss to apear more drama filled than it has to be in real life.

I myself lost quite a bit of weight without all that drama.

So I can find fault with both on th impact it can have.

dianad1368 said...

I was wondering about this too, it can't be good for his health. I was also wondering if thats why maybe this year, he's got a team helping him eat.
I watch this show, but I have to admit, it seems to me its just glorifying gluttony. Shove your face and when your full, keep shoveling. Some episodes I have to turn cuz after a while, its just gross.

Brianitos said...

Man V Food, my brother and I in the 1970s while growing up in East Los Angeles also enjoyed this life for fun, the food and friendship. Today I have to admit we laugh that we both have the same medical issues now at 50 years old, struggle with fighting obesity continuously, heart related issues, I have borderline diabetes he has full blown diabetes losing part of a foot. We reminisce about our fun times eating all through LA from the east side to the west side into south central LA. We now strive to eat what is healthy only occasionally eating as we once did and eat we did. Here is one Friday night out on the town in his Dodge Demon Mopar Muscle Car. Downtown to Johnnies Shrimp Boat eating a dozen shrimp rice beans and lots of gravy, then off cruising making it to the Famous Tommy's Burgers each eating a double chili cheese burger and chili tamale, it is off again heading to Hollywood Blvd and eating sunflower seeds or chips drinking sodas, eventually making it to Famous Pinks Hot Dogs we each eat a couple of their incredible hot dogs fries and then back on the road crusing Hollywood heading to East Los Angeles over to either King Taco or El Tepeyac's Cafe. At El Tepeyac's they have a burrito called Manuel's Special and I bet this burrito weighs in at 5 pounds, at the time mid 1970s if you ate the burrito you got it free and a 50 dollar bill, we never ate the whole thing maybe due to all the other food earlier. Then it was off towards home where many guys met to talk about the evening at a Jack-in-The-Box, here it was about 5 in the morning and we had at least two Breakfast Jacks before going home to eat some good old Menudo with Pata (pigs Feet). We would catch a morning nap then go out again Saturday night for cruising and eaten fun.

SaosinEngaged said...

Honestly, and I mean this with ALL sincerity, you guys are absolutely pathetic.

Seriously, all you people so drastically concerned with the messages a show like this send need to wake up and come back to reality.

You over exaggerate the "risks" and choose to fixate on your snobbish opinion of what people should and should not watch.

You know what? I'm a fan of personal responsibility. If a pig-eating fool watches this show and succumbs to obesity with this show as an influence, that decision is ultimately on him.

It's like the tired old, "violent movies cause people to be violent." Just shut up already.

People have the power to choose their fate, and ultimately it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to choose wisely.

I will never allow myself to live in a country where annoying and overzealous idealists determine what is and isn't "proper" for people to do, think, act, watch, etc.

Hope I've made myself very clear.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered how the guy keeps his "girlish" figure? How long has the show been going on, several years now? How is it that he doesn't weigh 500 pounds by now?

guizel08 said...

My Fiance watches this show,I don't see the appeal really it's pure glutney and no talent at all. We should be sending a better message to viewers, overindulgence is ugly and causes a variety of illnesses. At least Anthoney Bordain brings a little real culture to his viewers.

Thoreau bred said...

Before reading the blog, I was under the impression that the post would be about how Man vs Food was a fake, by that I mean that Adam doesn't really win those competitions and the show is staged. I find it hard to accept the fact that a human being is able to chow down such atrocious amounts of food in one sitting, I guess I have to see it to believe, nonetheless the article is quiet informative and does bring a good point, I would certainly hope this show never airs in a third world country...