Sunday, June 6, 2010

Salute to Turkish-led Gaza aid flotilla activists

Turkish Ferry Mavi Marmara leads the fleet of six ships to Gaza

When Gaza aid flotilla sets to sail for Gaza, many of us anticipate anxiously to know whether the international humanitarian activists can break the Israeli blockade, and more importantly whether they can survive the precarious journey to the world's largest open air prison, Gaza.

As expected, Israel will not just not allow aid ships to approach Gaza, instead they will gun down anyone whom they consider 'potential threat' even though they are unarmed and far from lethal. Eventually, on 31 May 2010, 10.30 AM (Malaysian time), the journey turned into another bloody episode. Nine activists were shot dead and more than 60 wounded after a deadly raid by Israeli soldiers. It really burns me up, so don’t ask me why I hate Israel. They are simply inhuman.

Here, I would like to offer my condolences over the death of nine Gaza aid flotilla activists. According to Al-Jazeera, eight Turkish and one American were among the dead.

Istanbul Protest: Salute to my Turkish brothers

To all Gaza Flotilla activists, even though your fleets may not reach Gaza, you guys did a very wonderful job. You guys are the new heroes of the world. The most important, Gaza aid flotilla is clearly a media success and will become a morale booster to a more united Muslim world.

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