Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When MJ Ghost Sighting turns into MJ Ghost Prank... It's hilarious!

MJ died on June 25, 2009. King of Pop, that was the greatest title given to him when he was alive. Almost everything with MJ is sensational, i.e. plastic surgery, nose, skin colour, children, Neverland, his enigma, etc. So many things have been talked about, even in his death. On the negative side, it's scandalous. On the positive side, it renders his fame to be long-lasting.

When MJ ghost sighting turned into an internet sensation, I just shut it off because I don't buy it and I don't believe such crap, sorry. Only a week after his death? Oh come on! I wonder who's behind this. I know there are so many opportunists out there who like to take advantage and make money out of him.

Actually I've seen the footage of MJ ghost sighting in CNN Larry King Show in Youtube. Yes I saw the shadowy human-like figure. Whosoever is behind the curtain, your image manifestation was a success but still far from convincing.

I'm not surprised when the footage was eventually manipulated and reuploaded as MJ ghost prank, i.e. something like freaky scary face that pop up on the screen and spurt terrifying scream at you. I have to admit that I do enjoy watching some of it. The best MJ ghost prank could probably come from this one:

So sweat and hilarious! I almost lost my breath laughing!
Thanks PrincessBlondie34 for posting.

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