Monday, June 21, 2010

My Perhentian Trip

Perhentian Islands, consist of Small Island and Big Island, lie approximately 20 km from the coast of North Terengganu

Many of my close friends particularly Arabs went there before me. Their interesting stories and satisfaction were enough to convince me that this should be my next holiday destination. Perhaps canceling my Jordan visit that suppose to take place on early June this year wasn't that bad after all. At least I got my local Perhentian as replacement. The only thing I need was a traveling partner. Thanks to two young mountain hikers, Fahies and Fitri for joining the trip. It so happened that they were the right people at the right time, alhamdulellah.

My traveling partners, Fahies and Fitri during island tracking

Breathtaking scenery from Aur Beach, Perhentian Kecil during sunset

At Paradise Watercolours Resort

Local Besut guy Fahies makes Perhentian trip so easy for us

View of Small Perhentian Island from Water Bus

I'm a non-boater but I do enjoy my boat trip to Perhentian Islands. Love the water taxi ride too. Snorkeling in a crystal clear water... it was such an amazing experience.

Back to the main land...

Only now I realized, District of Besut actually has quite a lot to offer. Friendly local dwellers, beautiful beaches, clear blue waters, etc. If you are looking for nice tasty keropok lekor (Malay kind of fish sausages), Besut does offer some of the best.

Bukit Keluang Beach at Kuala Besut

Rocky cave at Bukit Keluang Beach

My Perhentian Islands trip was a success. I really want to thank my traveling partners, Fahies and Fitry, for being so easy going inside and outside the journey. May Allah bless you guys...

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