Saturday, November 19, 2011

My 4D3N Bali Vacation

I read many authors' review in various travel websites and magazines, which left me wonder why Bali always be among the top rated, although some did sound slightly over exaggerating. Now, after my short 4D3N Bali vacation, I felt so inline with most of the reviews. Superb and enjoyable, if it isn't too much to say. Bali is definitely one of my favorite holiday destinations.

Being a tourist as well as a practicing Muslim, though no longer strange, is not easy as it sounds. Practicing Muslims have to abide at their best possible particularly the obligatory prayers. And of their greatest concern of course is the halal food. Although Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country, Bali as a province unfortunately is not. Balinese are culturally Hindus. So practicing Muslims of my standard have to make a lot of research before visiting such places.

My friends and I arrived in Bali on the historical elevens, 11 November 2011 (I will never forget this date). I couldn't hide my excitement because we will be walking under the sea.. yeah, we are going to SeaWalker, the real underwater experience and also we will get the chance to view one of the world's best sunsets. I won't blow the chance to experience perhaps once in the lifetime opportunities. Bali Top 10 must see places such as Kuta Beach, the hilly Kintamani, the magnificent cliffs of Uluwatu and its beaches, Tanjung Benoa, Ubud... they are for real! I was just too excited, seriously! Besides, this was my first time flying with AirAsia. Not bad for the so-called 'relatively cheaper' airways.

Truly I have so many stories to tell, but like most storytellers, I will not be able to write in a single post, so let the pictures tell the rest of the stories...

Apple Model on the beach with casual wear... hehe
At Uluwatu beach under the blue sky
Uluwatu beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali
Waiting for the sunset at Kuta beach
Sunset at Kuta beach
The magnificent cliffs of Uluwatu.. beautiful, mashaAllah!
With my traveling partners, Nasha (left) and Hazuan (middle)
Near Hard Rock Hotel entrance
Oasis Hotel, Kuta - This was the hotel we stayed in Bali

Being underwater and walking on the sea floor could probably the most exciting experience, so we need to ensure the activity was sufficiently documented. We used Kodak Sport Underwater Disposable Camera for capturing the underwater images. It's difficult to snap underwater pictures, we need to overcome the strong sea current. Though the camera was a kind of low-end, we still managed to get at least 25% considerably good pictures.

'Syoknya' walking underwater
Hazuan (left) and Nasha (right) in their own style

My Bali trip was a success. I would like to thank Hazuan and Nasha for joining the trip. No doubt that Bali is a beautiful 'heaven', from the land to the sea, and its underwater world. I thank Allah our mighty Lord for giving us the opportunity to witness His beautiful creations. I hope this won't be my last, so jom Bali (let's go to Bali)..