Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kulim-Taiping Weekly Travel: Now I save 50 km (Part 2)

In my previous entry [ From My Desk: Kulim-Taiping Weekly Travel: Now I save 40 km ] I showed how Kulim-Serdang-Bandar Baharu-Taiping route can be used as an alternative route connecting Kulim and Taiping. Yes, I can save a 43 km traveling distance and RM7.30 highway tolls, but truly not on the traveling time, which I found was rather disadvantage.

Now I'm testing another alternative route, i.e. Kulim-Kampung Batu Sepuluh-Selama-Pondok Tanjung-Taiping, in which in my opinion is more quiet and lower-traffic than the earlier alternative. Interestingly, although unpopular, this countryside route is clearly visible in the Google map.

 Kulim-Batu Sepuluh-Padang Terap Village-Selama-Pondok Tanjung-Taiping is marked in Green

After three weeks of route testing, considering the driving comfortability and beautiful countryside, I'm very sure now that Kulim-Kampung Batu Sepuluh-Selama-Pondok Tanjung-Taiping route is a better route than the earlier alternative. Besides, many connecting roads have been upgraded and straightened, resulting in reduced traveling time by 20-30 minutes.

Let me summarize my findings:
Distance from my rental house (Kulim) to my house (Taiping)

… via Taiping Utara-Juru PLUS Highway + BKE = 137 km
| 0 km reference | Traveling time = 90 minutes | Toll fares = RM11.70 |

… via Kulim-Serdang-Bandar Baharu-Taiping = 94 km
| Save 43 km | Traveling time = 90-100 minutes | Toll fares = RM4.40 |

… via Kulim-Batu Sepuluh-Padang Terap-Selama-Pondok Tanjung-Taiping = 87 km
| Save 50 km | Traveling time = 70-85 minutes | NO toll fares |

The best time to travel is around 6.30 pm where you can appreciate the beauty of the countryside of Selama-Pondok Tanjung. You'll pass by MIDA Boer-goat breeding farm upon approaching Pondok Tanjung (nice view too). InshaAllah, if I got time, I'll upload some pictures of the countryside.

I hope my friend Badrul will be happy with this entry since he has been using the later route for quite sometime. Thanks Badrul for your inspiring story. I myself try to experience night time driving in this quiet route and of my greatest concern is the safety but I just did last Friday night, alhamdulellah. 

Secure From Flash Flood

Considering frequent flash floods hit Serdang-Bandar Baharu especially after heavy rain, Kampung Batu Sepuluh-Selama-Pondok Tanjung will definitely be the best alternative for Kulim-Taiping travelers, inshaAllah.