Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kulim-Taiping Weekly Travel: Now I save 50 km (Part 2)

In my previous entry [ From My Desk: Kulim-Taiping Weekly Travel: Now I save 40 km ] I showed how Kulim-Serdang-Bandar Baharu-Taiping route can be used as an alternative route connecting Kulim and Taiping. Yes, I can save a 43 km traveling distance and RM7.30 highway tolls, but truly not on the traveling time, which I found was rather disadvantage.

Now I'm testing another alternative route, i.e. Kulim-Kampung Batu Sepuluh-Selama-Pondok Tanjung-Taiping, in which in my opinion is more quiet and lower-traffic than the earlier alternative. Interestingly, although unpopular, this countryside route is clearly visible in the Google map.

 Kulim-Batu Sepuluh-Padang Terap Village-Selama-Pondok Tanjung-Taiping is marked in Green

After three weeks of route testing, considering the driving comfortability and beautiful countryside, I'm very sure now that Kulim-Kampung Batu Sepuluh-Selama-Pondok Tanjung-Taiping route is a better route than the earlier alternative. Besides, many connecting roads have been upgraded and straightened, resulting in reduced traveling time by 20-30 minutes.

Let me summarize my findings:
Distance from my rental house (Kulim) to my house (Taiping)

… via Taiping Utara-Juru PLUS Highway + BKE = 137 km
| 0 km reference | Traveling time = 90 minutes | Toll fares = RM11.70 |

… via Kulim-Serdang-Bandar Baharu-Taiping = 94 km
| Save 43 km | Traveling time = 90-100 minutes | Toll fares = RM4.40 |

… via Kulim-Batu Sepuluh-Padang Terap-Selama-Pondok Tanjung-Taiping = 87 km
| Save 50 km | Traveling time = 70-85 minutes | NO toll fares |

The best time to travel is around 6.30 pm where you can appreciate the beauty of the countryside of Selama-Pondok Tanjung. You'll pass by MIDA Boer-goat breeding farm upon approaching Pondok Tanjung (nice view too). InshaAllah, if I got time, I'll upload some pictures of the countryside.

I hope my friend Badrul will be happy with this entry since he has been using the later route for quite sometime. Thanks Badrul for your inspiring story. I myself try to experience night time driving in this quiet route and of my greatest concern is the safety but I just did last Friday night, alhamdulellah. 

Secure From Flash Flood

Considering frequent flash floods hit Serdang-Bandar Baharu especially after heavy rain, Kampung Batu Sepuluh-Selama-Pondok Tanjung will definitely be the best alternative for Kulim-Taiping travelers, inshaAllah.



Izat Ezwan said...

The route should be Kulim-Mahang-Selama-Pondok Tanjung-Taiping. It was Pondok Tanjung and NOT Tanjung Piandang. Thanks Zahid for correcting me.

I enjoyed our conversation at the Pattani restaurant last night. Zahid also told me about Bakri's brother. I pray to Allah may him recover very soon, inshaAllah.

Muhammad Kamil Eddy said...

salam bro..what's ur opinion if sumone going back and forth from kulim-taiping daily?better to rent in kulim or continue from taiping to kulim??thanx

Izat Ezwan said...

Salam. Brother, I think it's better to rent in Kulim. The distance of Taiping-Kulim is farther compared to Penang-Kulim or Sg Petani- Kulim. So far I don't find anyone travels daily from Taiping to Kulim but rather weekly, like people like myself. Traveling cost is of my greatest concern here. It's not just petrol that matters but the maintenance of the vehicles as well. The fact is that the longer we travel, the higher the risk, i.e. accident, road congestion, bad weather, back pain, tired, etc.

I think it's better to spend more time with the family and the love ones rather than spending too much time on the road. Just my opinion :-)