Sunday, June 26, 2011

My interesting Thursday...

Things would have been easy if my Perodua Kancil can talk, tell me this or that needs to be fixed or changed. But my Kancil isn't BumbleBee, as much as I ain't mechanic. My Kancil, having served me for almost 14 years, is just too old for a standard of economy class vehicle, therefore too old to work always fine. I know that.

Last Thursday could probably one of my unlucky days. My 14 year old remote stopped working for the first time. I never thought my remote was the culprit since the LED light was still flashing fine whenever I hit the open/close button. My Magic School Bus Gang (Malay: geng bas sekolah) - Aswad, Kayrol and Hazwan witnessed how I broke into my car, which by default had triggered the car alarm to sound out loud. This is what perhaps, most people are referring to as 'too stupid to be smart', eh?

In this entry, I just want to thank those helping hands, who dropped by to help me especially Suhaimy Wahap, Nik Azmi, Zahid Omar, Shamz, my geng bas sekolah, etc. (sorry if I left some names unmentioned). May Allah bless you and give you rewards. It is so true that at my workplace, there are so many helping hands, no doubt about that. I'm just so happy to be part of the community.

I love my Kancil as what it is. No turbo, no skirting, no sporty spoiler, no nothing. But my remote really needs overhaulin'...

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