Saturday, July 28, 2012

Attending al-Barmawi hosted iftar

Supposedly if one plans to host an iftar, he does not need to ask when he should organize the event, rather he will set the date at his convenience. However, my friend Mostafa did it in the opposite way. He asked me to decide the date based on my convenience. Perhaps, he considered the limited time I have as a working guy and the distance I would be traveling. Truly I felt honoured and believed this kind of kindness was another good example of Arab hospitality.

Mansef, that's the menu he told me. Oh yeah? I miss that. Actually I miss Arabic food. I have many Arab friends who cook, and Mostafa al-Barmawi is a new one that made up to the list. Actually, Mostafa and I are so new to each other but he treated me like he knows me for years. Thanks to Khalid Jabir, my Jordanian brother, otherwise I would not have known this nice person. 

What do you think am I looking at?

Joining me was brother Hadri, another Malaysian from Machang Kelantan. Perhaps I should call this "al-Barmawi Iftar special for Malaysians" hehe..

Whether it's for Malaysians or not, we really enjoyed the iftar, as much as we enjoy our friendship and brotherhood. And that's the spirit of Ramadan.

Date: 24 July 2012 (Tuesday)
Venue: Mostafa's room, USM 

Well, seems that I'm the one who do the cooking... Congratulations Az'ouz! Good acting... hehe
This is the real cook.. Mostafa, and our friend Hadri
Mostafa's version of chicken mansef - Taste better than its look