Thursday, March 25, 2010


You could probably wondering what that is. It is neither a child nor a parrot babbling. That five repeating syllable of 'ku' has its meaning and is actually Malay compound words.

ku = shorter expression of aku = I / me / my
kuku = fingernail
kukuku = my fingernail
kukukuku = kuku-kuku = fingernails
kukukukuku = kuku-kukuku = my fingernails

That is the art of language. Isn't it interesting?

Kukukukuku has nothing to do with Cuckoo Clock or Coo Coo Duckling

Fingernail is called 'kuku' in Malay

Now try to figure this out:

"Kuku-kuku kakiku kaku"

You can use dictionary to look up for the meaning or if you find it hard, just check with your Malay speaking friends. Good luck...