Saturday, February 7, 2009

Celcom data rate performance: My experience

.I started using Celcom Wireless Broadband since 28 October 2008. Being at home in Taiping only in the weekend, Saturday-Sunday, having a non-mobile internet service such as TMNet Streamyx is definitely a waste. Therefore switching from TMNet Streamyx to Celcom Wireless Broadband could probably a good decision I have made. Many friends ask me on the Celcom Wireless performance, whether it is worth it to buy. Well, this is my experience:

At my locality in Taiping, the transfer rate for my internet access is under UMTS mode, and when connected, the transfer rate goes to HSDPA mode. At Kulim Hi-Tech, the wireless internet access speed is similar, i.e. UMTS-HSDPA. I found the transfer rate of my Celcom Wireless Broadband@384 Kbs is comparable to my previous streamyx@512 Kbs. The top uploading and downloading rate can reach up to 128 and 384 Kbs respectively. I can play youtube videos and download those huge files, within the standard of 3G signal. Sadly at my rental house area in Taman Mutiara, Karangan, the transfer rate for my internet access goes down to GPRS mode (2G). Celcom should consider upgrading its transmitting signal here since Taman Mutiara is just 8 km away from Kulim Hi-Tech. Furthermore, many dwellers are working in Kulim Hi-Tech. At my village in Kampung Dong, Pahang, the signal is transmitted under EDGE mode. Although 2G but it is still faster than GPRS. Let me summarize my findings:

And last but not least, selection of modem is an important factor for getting a good quality transmission, I use Vodafone USB Modem Model E220.

GPRS - General Packet Radio Service (2G)
EDGE - Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Evolution (2.75G)
UMTS - Universal Media Transmitting Signal (3G)
HSDPA - High Speed Downlink Packet Access (3G)

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