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When two person praying... which style is yours?

Being a Muslim is something one should treasure and be proud of, whether he or she is a convert or a born Muslim. It is a bless that I can hardly describe. I always heard that converts are better Muslims. I found no points to disagree with, in fact majority of them are. Converts are always more devoted and better in practicing Islam.

I am a born Muslim, alhamdulellah. Just like most born Muslims, the beginning of my religious practice was very much influenced by the folklore, which some were rather cultural than religious. I only started questioning some of those after observing differences in the religious practice among the practicing Muslims of the East and West. The question that has been looming in my mind is why must such practices be different since the original source is the same, i.e. Al-Quran and sunnah?

The question doesn't degrade my belief in Islam, rather it has expedited the whole process for me to search for the truth.

Take this simple question for example... Where is the position of the follower (makmum) if only two person are praying together?

Based on my experience, some people pray on the right side of the imam [A], some pray on the right side with one step back of the imam [B] and some pray on the right side with two-three steps back of the imam [C]. So which is the correct one?

Most prayer books of the 80s and 90s written by local authors portrayed style [B], the style that was observed by most Malaysian Muslims during my childhood. However I realized no such evidence (dalil) was provided for supporting the prescribed method.

I began practicing style [A] somewhere 2004-2006, which I learned from Muslim brothers from the Middle East. This is the method that I'm very comfortable with, which is well backed up with evidence of the most authentic.

In order to avoid bias, I provide in this post, source of evidence (books and internet database) in Malay language.
[1] Sahih Bukhari (Tranlated Version by JAKIM), Vol 2, page 226
[2] Solat Empat Mazhab (الصلاة على المذاهب الاربعة), page 327
[3] Bahrul Mazi (Versi Rumi), Vol 2, page 207-208
[4] Mutiara Hadis UiTM, Database of Sunan Sittah (The Authentic Six) in Malay language

Sahih Bukhari: Bab (Makmum) berada di sebelah kanan imam bersetentang dengannya apabila ada dua orang (sahaja)
Sahih Bukhari: Chapter (Follower of congregational prayer) be on the right side of imam just on the opposite side when there are two person (only)
Solat Empat Mazhab, page 327
Prayers of the Four Doctrines, page 327
If the follower is alone, he shall stand on the right side of the imam
Bahrul Mazi, Vol 2, page 208
When there is a man and an imam, he must stand on the opposite side of the imam
Mutiara Hadis UiTM (Search keyword: kanan imam)
When there is a man and an imam, he must stand on the opposite side of the imam 

In this post, it is not my intention to prove who is right or wrong, but it is good if such practices or claims are backed up with authentic evidence. I am just human and we all make mistakes, so please correct me if I'm wrong. May Allah guide us, inshaAllah.

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