Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stay away from Reader's Digest Contest

Today I received email from Reader's Digest (RD). As usual, I was announced as the 'potential winner' for their 'Super Contest'. It looks so promising until so many people (including me) couldn't resist. Who can if we are the only two in our locality chosen by RD for the so-called potential Grand Prize Winner. I used to participate in their contest in 2004. I sent out each and every contest letters I received without fail and most of the time immediate posting to Reader's Digest!

After passing one level I proceeded to the next. But nothing was free. We were required to purchase those 'discounted items'. I remember passing three contest levels and was wondering how many levels more to go to the Grand Prize. Until I was sent an unsolicited
4 in 1 book entitled "Selected Edition", which contains four stories - The Vanished Man, Street Boys, The Christmas Train and The Summer That Never Was, in which I had not ordered. That's it RD, you can't fool me this time. They demanded payment by sending me invoice of subscription but I wasn't stupid. I just ignored. Without returning the book, I waited for their legal action. I know my right and ready to challenge in court. Until now, there are no such actions taken against me.
Actually in Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), they had reported RD's misleading conduct. So those who feel cheated by RD, you are encourage to take legal action against them. Know your right well. There are winners, yes I agree. But how much money they spent before becoming a winner? How about those losers? Remember, if you have to purchase those unsolicited items without your consent, definitely it's a scam!

So say NO to Reader's Digest!

Reader's Digest, although considered as one of the most popular monthly magazines in the world but their method of selling products via contests to some extent is so unethical. Effective from today, all RD emails will be considered spams! WHAT SAY YOU?

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