Thursday, January 22, 2009

Public Lecture on Palestine at SIRIM-AMREC


Today at 3 pm, we had a public lecture on Palestine, subsequently a launching of Palestine Humanitarian Fund at Advanced Materials Research Centre (AMREC), SIRIM Berhad. The event was organized by Kelab AMREC with the purpose of increasing the awareness of our brothers and sisters in AMREC on the Palestinian issues particularly the on-going situation in Gaza. My warm gratitude goes to Dr Asri Selamat (AMREC Club's President) and the organizing committee for making it happened. The 1.5 hour lecture was delivered by Mr Aminuddin Shuib, the Deputy President of Jemaah Islamiah Malaysia (JIM) Kedah, a non-profitable non-governmental organization of Malaysia.

Mr Aminuddin delivered it very well. Alhamdulellah. Although I've seen most of the pictures and videos, I don't border rewatching. I consider them as memory refreshments. What I learned, each one of us (Muslims) is accountable for what happened in Palestine. Each one of us can cry but cry alone is not enough. Not at this time...

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