Saturday, January 17, 2009

An afternoon lunch with Bashir & Palestinian friends...

No wonder Bashir insists me to stay, he plans to cook magluba and invites his close friends. I tasted his cooking before, not bad for a so-called non-professional cook. To a guy of my standard (who doesn't know how to cook except fried egg and instant noodles), of course I consider him a pro. During the time he was preparing the meal, I spent mine surfing the net upstairs. Lazy me, eh?

Bashir's cooking art - Magluba (The up side down)

Our afternoon lunch became more interesting with the presence of Muhammad Najjar (a.k.a Abu al-Abid). He has a new story everyday. With some immediate translations by Aamir (Bashir's housemate), it was good enough to make me laugh. Truly it was a very wonderful afternoon. Alhamdulellah. Being in another society where the spoken language is far different and hardly understood, normally makes one feel lost and isolated. For that reason I appreciated Aamir and Wael for their efforts in making some translations (I mean those necessary ones). About the food, of course I enjoyed it. Bashir, you are a good cook!

Eating together in one big plate... I enjoy this!

From left to right: Malek, Wael, Tareq & Bashir

A new story from Abu al-Abid, in which he accidentally left his car keys in his car, was so funny to hear, enough to cheer everybody up

Abu al-Abid makes everyone listen. More story to tell...

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