Sunday, June 21, 2009

Secret Recipe

.Although Secret Recipe has established its brand name since 1997, I only knew about it when I moved to Kulim to work in a research organization in 2007. Only in 2009 I bravely hop into this cake cafe. Although Secret Recipe is more popular for its cakes rather than its food varieties, I still can see many customers have pasta or chicken recipe for their main course.

The first food I ate was Cordon Bleu Chicken, in which I had in Tesco Taiping. It got cheese stuffed in it. Interesting taste and not bad after all.

Cordon Bleu Chicken

I am not a fan of cakes to be honest. I used to hate them because some cakes taste 'so eggy' and the icings are just too sugary. The popular chocolate cakes sometimes taste 'so spongy'. But Secret Recipe had twisted my perception. Their cakes taste incredibly delicious make me feel like on top on a mountain. Sounds exaggerating but it's true.

So far I had tasted Chocolate Indulgence, Chocolate Strawberry, Chocolate Banana and Chocolate Chip Walnut. I may want to try Lemon Cheese and Hazel Cheese next time.

This is how I graded Secret Recipe:
Main Course Chicken - Taste: Good / Price: Reasonable
Cakes - Taste: Excellent / Price: Reasonable
Iced Blended Coffee Beverages - Taste: Good / Price: Expensive
Soft Drinks - Taste: Ordinary / Price: Very Expensive

Secret Recipe has been awarded 'THE BEST HALAL RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR' in 2005. Thumbs up to Secret Recipe! Halal is important for us and please maintain it. However I do hope Secret Recipe can knock down the price of their beverages to something more reasonable. What say you?

With Sudirman and my housemate cum food expert Shams at Secret Recipe Kulim
(Photo taken by Khairuldin)

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