Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wan Seagar is now married...

When Wan Seagar called and asked me to attend his wedding in Alor Star, immediately I told him I will. Kulim to Alor Star is about 1.25 hours. So I won't blow the chance to see the great moment. Wan Seagar is a very good friend of mine, although we seldom see each other. When he asked me to become one of the guys to carry his tray of gifts, I said okay although I wasn't sure I like to be one. He said I'll be given a traditional garment such as Baju Melayu and samping. Whereas the songkok, I'll buy on my own, since I'm the only one knows about the size of my head.

His wedding was to be held on 19th December (Friday), so I took leave on 18-19th December. I stayed at my friend's apartment in Sultanah Bahiyyah Hospital. My friend, Widad is a medical doctor there. He helped me to search for the address.

During the big day, I wear black Malay garment, which I haven't wear for almost 10 years. Hmm.. seems I look like a groom.. hehe. We went to a mosque where the 'akad was to be held. Finally he got wed.

My hearty congratulations and best wishes for your marriage, Wan Seagar! May Allah bless you and your wife, and may you live happily ever after!

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