Sunday, April 12, 2009

Interesting Egyptian English...

I am not yet a polyglot but enjoy so much in doing accent imitation. English is the most common language I have used in my accent imitation, followed by Malay.

So far I have learned and able to imitate these accents:
  1. Malaysian Chinese speaking English
  2. Malaysian Malay speaking English
  3. Malaysian Indian speaking English
I don't know my level of proficiency since I do it for fun. I love languages by the way.

When I started befriend with the Arabs, I found their English accent is rather interesting. Unfortunately it is not easy to imitate theirs. Recently I found a few Egyptian English videos in youtube. It is very interesting and I enjoyed it very much.

Watch these videos:

Learn English the Egyptian way (in a classroom)

Learn English the Egyptian way (in a restaurant)

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