Sunday, April 26, 2009

Alert! Mexican Swine Flu on the rise!

I am sad to hear more than 80 people had died in Mexico due to swine related disease. To date, the Mexican government reported more than 1,300 suspected cases related to the virus that involves both human and animals, which indirectly signaled danger to the world.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) yesterday, the swine flu is highly potential to become another pandemic. United States, the north Mexican neighbour, reported 11 or such cases mainly in the state of New York, followed by Kansas and California. So watch out everyone! It can spread to our countries at any time from now.

As a Malaysian I am worry because swine industry is quite visible in my country. The first pandemic, Japanese Encephalitis, has outbreak in Malaysia in 1998-1999, followed by Nipah within the same year. Therefore the second or third pandemic due to swine related disease is not impossible in this country.

I beg you Malaysia, please phase out pig farming from our country... please before it's too late!

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