Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Jordan Visit 2013

Jordan is a peace of land that experienced a series of clashes of ancient civilations, which left many ancient ruins across trans-Jordan on top of its class for modern people to see. I am glad that I made the trip there although I have no such great expectation at the beginning. Visiting Jordan is something I have planned for many years. My friendship to the Arabs is not new especially with the Levantines (Jordanian, Palestinian and Syrian). My house in Taiping is not strange to them. I have built up trust with them since 2004 and still in contact until now. It's too expensive to let go, for that reason I made that click on May 18th this year, fly solo to Jordan.

There I visited Waleed Abdeen, my old friend of USM's 2004/2005 batch. Then I visited my new Arab friend Mostafa Barmawi, followed by other old friends like Khalid Jaber, Anas Hussein, Tareq Zeyad and Tariq Sabbah's parents. It took a total of 11 days to cover the whole visit including the historical sites and city centre.

Face of relief - resting under a tree after stopping to a nearby toilet on the way to Petra. This was my fourth time to the toilet.. broken pipe.. haha
Breathtaking view of Amman from Jabal Hussein
With Jordanian Flag on top of my head..
With Khalid Jaber (right) and Eyad Jaber (left)
Inside King Hussein Automobile Museum
Khalid's brother Eyad is so sweet and funny, I can't stop laughing
Inside the Ancient City of Petra
In front of the main entrance of the Ancient City of Petra
My best friend Anas and Osama, my travelling partners to Petra
Sunset at Umm Qais
Me... during the sunset
Village mosque behind Mostafa's farmhouse in Jerash under the blue sky. I noticed that Jordan sky is so clear and blue.. Beautiful mashaAllah!
Ancient Roman ruins of Gerasa (Jerash)
Nice and sporting Jordanian police
With Mostafa Barmawi inside Ajloun Castle
Inside the Ajloun Castle ( قلعة عجلون )
We made Arab barbecue at the farm house. Actually Mostafa did it all and me.. I just prepare the salad.. hehe
This is Mostafa's farm house where I stayed in Jerash. It situated on top of the hill with breathtaking view of the village. Simply amazing!

The Arabs are probably harsher relatively to the Malays but I have no problem with that. It is a fact that their hospitality is simply the best in the world, trust me! I never feel lonely or isolated rather I felt so much at home. This journey is to be remembered forever. Thanks Waleed Abdeen, Yusaira Sakkijha, Anas Hussein, Maram al-Kinj, Khalid Jaber, Mostafa Barmawi, Tareq Ziyad, Eiad Jaber, Mohammad Jaber, Qais Jaber, Obaida Hussein, Osama, Basheer Abdeen and the families and friends that are too many to mention, my utmost gratitude to everyone who made my visit enjoyable.


Wan Jue said...

Wow,bro izat..dah makin rock skrg!
Hehe..azuan zakaria

Izat Ezwan said...

Hahaha.. sikit-sikit la bro Azuan. How's life kat LGM? Really happy la sebab we're still in touch :-)