Sunday, June 16, 2013

Canyoning in Jordan

I am just an ordinary guy who like simple sporting activities like jogging, badminton, table tennis and simple body workout. After two consecutive injuries at my calf which happened somewhere May-July 2012, I stopped almost all the activities except for the simple body workout. When my Jordanian brother Waleed invited me for a canyoning adventure in Jordan, I became so excited but I wasn't sure whether I will be able to do it or not. This was because I could not afford to bear another serious injuries and I am no longer young like those of 20s. But this could probably one of the adventures of a lifetime, so why to blow an open opportunity when you are given one? Just give 'a damn' try. Sometimes we just have to step outside our own circle in order to succeed. It's okay to fail rather than not trying at all.

May 20th, 2013 - the D-day of my first time canyoning activities which took place at Wadi al-Manshia (not far from Dead Sea). Joining me was Mr Wael from Albania, both of us were the international guests for the Jordanian canyoning activities (under Black Iris Adventures), and both of us were first timers.

We were briefed by Basheer Abdeen, Waleed's brother on the safety and canyoning gears. Basheer is a qualified canyoning instructor who will guide canyoneers at the same time motivates them. He is really a nice person and I really like him. We walked about 4 km from the main road to the canyon, under the hot sun, around 37 degrees Celsius (it's not humid like the equatorial countries, so I didn't feel that hot) - the weather was just great. English was the medium of communication here, so international canyoneers should not worry about the language barrier. The air was so breeze down the valley and canyon makes you feel like relaxing under natural air-conditioned Bali villa.

Here are some pictures of the activities. It was really an amazing adventure. I myself as a first timer couldn't believe that I have made it to the end. As the wise people always say - You won't know what you are capable of until you give it a try - It's so true.

Believe that you can do it
Congratulations! You've made it. Wael is one good example of a good adventurer, a great brother and friend
Faces of relief (after the last great challenge) : Me, Wael and Abdullah Awad (Instructor)
Mr Basheer - Black-Iris Professional

Jordan is a great place for canyoneers. The landscape is remarkable, just like the people. I definitely recommend this kind of activities if you are planning to visit Jordan in the future. I also recommend Black Iris Adventure for your canyoning experience. They are young but professional. Perfectly safe for beginners and first timers. So go go Iris!

All pictures are courtesy of Black Iris Adventures (Jordan Canyoning Team), Jordan.
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Contact: Basheer Abdeen / Waleed Abdeen

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