Friday, May 22, 2009

Badminton Tournament: AMREC Closed

Sudirman-Khairul Shakirin vs Bakri-Izha

Based on the original plan, the closed tournament should be held on May 11-12. After almost two weeks of postponing, the closed event was finally realized yesterday.

Randomly selected, I was assigned to Group A. I was partnering with Yusli in this solely men's doubles event. Interestingly we were drawn to meet Juri Che Hat and Khairul Shakirin. The good thing is we won 21-12,19-21,21-16. Tough match though. Thanks to my partner Yusli for covering some parts of my weaknesses. The most shocking result came out at the beginning of the match. Believe it or not, the formidable pair of Sudirman and Khairul Shakirin were upset by Bakri and Izha in straight game! What a match!

It was a mix fortune for my housemates. Khairuldin who was partnering with Khairul Nizan (aka Oun) lost to Lokman and Nizam in rubber sets. On the other hand my other housemate Shams, with his partner Cupin, were regarded as an easy prey by many, won over Mat Leh and Anas in rubber sets, another upset of the day. So never underestimate the underdogs!

Overall my team (Group A) was beaten by Group B in a close tie 3-4. Nothing to lose. We really enjoyed the game.

Overruled.. supporters are too close for comfort

Top seed, Sudirman@Lee Yong Dae and Khairul Shakirin suffered shocking defeat..

Last snap before going back home

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