Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beauty: Love the natural

Is it so important to look beautiful? How attractive is gorgeous? How do you rate one's degree of beauty?

Different people always have a different view on beauty. No matter how much they try to put it into words, it will end up subjective, although describable.

In today's world, the need of looking beautiful has been a sense of obligation since a lot of people can be persuaded into believing that 'everybody can be physically beautiful' by the beauty industry, although their new look might just as plain as pikestaff or worse than the anticipated. Once ones bought the idea of 'looking gorgeous' by just putting layers of makeup, thick foundation or beauty cream, they may end up losing appreciation on their own natural beauty. People won't judge if celebrities, models and makeup artists are the ones who embraced the artificial because that's what beauty business wants them to be. But if the one that supposed to be a role model in religion, the one that clearly understand that religion denounces excess in beautifying oneself to the extent of altering one’s physical features as created by God, is the one who fails badly on stage. How can we put respect on what she preaches? I saw many the so-called 'ustazah' (female religious scholars) wear thick red lipstick and heavy makeup for accommodating the need of a TV show. I'm sure these ustazahs were never forced to wear such by the producers. It's their choice as they can choose to look more natural from the very beginning. If ustazah fails, how about non-ustazah and the rest of ordinary people?

I do blame cosmetic companies, fashion magazines and media for portraying the 'perfect skin' and 'perfect look' since not just because they make believing in artificial beauty, they might also impose hardships to those who embraced the lifestyle of 'biar papa asalkan bergaya' (translation: let be in style although we're financially unfit). It is a fact that many modern celebrities have their nose, cheeks or boobs done in order to look physically attractive, which is very wrong from the religious perspective. But to make oneself looks more doll-like than human, it's just too crazy to believe that it's real and there are people doing it!

Going artificial is a choice. There is no such thing as 'perfect skin' and 'perfect look', no matter how much makeup you put on, no matter how many surgeries have you undertaken. You'll going to notice the defects one after another. It is a fact that everybody wants to look physically beautiful, whether you are a woman or a man, who doesn't? But why to look for artificial beauty? Just be yourself. Remember being human is the most beautiful things God ever gave us. Have a heart, that's make you beautiful.


Everybody has their own beauty. Just be proud of it.

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