Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bachelor Iftar at Taman Mutiara

Yesterday was a great day for me and my housemates, Khairuldin and Shams, when eight of our colleges came and broke their fast at our rental house. We prepared fried noodle (courtesy of Shams al-Thani), water melon, cold drinks (courtesy of Tengku Kudin), wet and fried popia, satey and karipap (curry-puffs). This was the second after the first closed iftar we did last year.

The spirit of iftar was further realized when my colleges brought plenty of food with them, even though we expect them to bring only their mind and body.

Enjoying our meal before prayer congregation

The weather was so hot that evening but no one was complaining, alhamdulellah. Really, this was the spirit of iftar.

Among all the food I ate, I enjoyed fried noodle the most. Cooked by the creative hands of Shams, I think he cooks far better than the girl next door. By the way, I can cook too, but of course not more than the famous instant noodles, hehe...

Guys, thanks for coming. May Allah bless you people. Barakallahu feekum.

From left to right: Asri, Azmir, Firdaus, Ridhuan, Muzaffar and Jaber
(Married - 2, Bachelor - 4, Still available - 2)

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