Friday, September 11, 2009

Metal spoon degrades honey's nutrients: Just another pseudoscience

"Son, don't use use metal spoon with honey", that's what my mom told me. Some of my colleges tell me the same thing. They say metal spoon will leach out honey's nutrients. But how? To me this kind of ruling is interesting but without scientific evidence, one like me will definitely have a hard time to believe.

When I browsed the internet (I googled in English and Malay), this kind of belief is more prominent in Malay internet discussions rather than English. Having read those, I could not find any scientific evidence mentioned.

To me some of the 'pesanan orang tua-tua' (old wives' tales) are highly arguable. But it doesn't mean that I disregard them totally. I still have faith on some particularly those proven by science. Unfortunately this honey-metal spoon thing is far from fact. A trusted website considers this a myth. Test your knowledge about honey in this website:

If you feel the above website doesn't favour you, no need to argue. Believe what you believe. For me, until I observe scientific evidence, I may consider this honey-metal spoon thing as another pseudoscience, nothing more...

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