Friday, November 27, 2009

Ridhuan: Last day in AMREC SIRIM

I don't remember when Ridhuan joined AMREC SIRIM, perhaps early this year. Regardless of the date and time he joined, he is now leaving.

People come and go, but the legacy remains, that's what most people say. More popular as Weng, I regard him as a talkative, happy-go-lucky, funny and friendly kind of guy.

Ridhuan will be joining National Space Agency (ANGKASA) this December. I don't have much to say in here, the best words could probably 'Good luck' and do keep in touch.

Here are some pictures taken at the last hour of the day:

The 3rd floor

Smile under the blue sky

Conversation between two good friends
Weng, "Matanya membuatku terpesona..."
Firdaus, "Ha.. kantoi! Patutla projek tak siap"
(Sorry no English translation)

Model of the year, eh?
(I think they can be the cover of People Magazine, December issue. What say you?)


Mr. Kevin said...

Gambar last tu tak ingat. posing habis. hahaha. tapak projek sebelah tu dah jadi camtu? isk3. balik ni tgk dh siap. hehe

Izat Ezwan said...

Very good pose walaupun amatur. That's why saya upload.

Projek berjalan agak rancak. Din balik nanti skrg2nya kerangka dah ada saya ingat gitulah.. :-)

非凡 said...

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