Monday, January 25, 2010

BWF Malaysia Open 2010 Final

Wow, he done it again! To defend his Malaysia Open title is not an easy task, to win a back to back titles is much more an uphill task (he won Korea Open last week). What else can I say?

Congratulations Lee Chong Wei for winning his 6th Malaysia Open title yesterday. Also I would like to congratulate Koo Kean Keat and Tan Boon Heong for winning the men's double, after given a scare by Chen Xu and Guo Zhendong of China in a hard fought final.

Misbun's coaching style works well for Lee Chong Wei

Koo Kean Keat/Tan Boon Heong vs Chen Xu/Guo Zhendong

The crowd support is just amazing
Notice the Pakcik in Malaysian Flag dress..

This guy (in circle) really pisses me off. He's not a Malaysian. I've never seen anybody like him, he goes absolute nuts that day

It was a wonderful final. Sudirman and I almost lost our energy applauding the Malaysian and other non-Chinese players throughout the tournament. The most important is to break the Great China Wall and stop them from dominating the world badminton. Finally Malaysia bagged two titles and China three.

We're happy to bring home good memories of Malaysia Open. Sudirman and I bought Proton Malaysia Open 2010 t-shirt and cute Yonex bag. I also bought BWF China Open 2009 t-shirt (having Yonex Denmark label at the back).

Our exhaustion and hunger were finally offset by delicious Sate Kajang (Kajang Satay). The most important we arrived back home in Kulim at 12.30 midnight safe and sound, alhamdulellah.


Mr. Kevin said...

la nak ikut...

takper2. thomas cup ada lagi. :p
selalu tngk kat rumah asyik kalah jer izat. rasanya nak menang, kena datang situ sokong kot hehe

Izat Ezwan said...

Seronok kalau pegi tengok nih. Cuma takut pegi sokong gila2 kalah pulak..

Psl Thomas Cup ni, hari tu smbang2 dgn Nizam, dia kata nak pegi. Bakri pun. Sudirman mcm nak pegi jer. OK gak tu, nanti kita diskas lagi..