Saturday, January 16, 2010

Center-mounted speedometer: Man it's stugly!

If you ask me which car manufacturer started the idea of having center-mounted speedometer, I will promptly say I don't know. Who cares anyway? As far as I'm concern, Mini carries it's signature since it's first Morris Mini Minor in 1959. Being small, cute and compact, to have the speedometer at the middle of the dashboard does not downgrade its interior look at all, although some might consider it clownish. To me it just works for Mini but not for other cars, seriously!

1966 Morris Mini Cooper interior

Take, for example, the latest Perodua Kancil, its center-mounted speedometer looks so awkward, in fact it makes it one of the stugliest car interiors I've ever seen in this decade! Besides, what on earth did they make it twisted since they had twisted the focus of the driver at the very beginning...(?)

Last Kancil model
Center console is fine but with speedometer on top of it makes it look like two eyes-robot with twisted cap

For that reason, I hate Nissan Otti (Mitsubishi Kei-Car), Naza Sutera (Hafei Lobo), Saturn Ion, new Perodua Alza (2010), Toyota Vios/Belta (2007), Toyota Yaris/Vitz (2007). Besides, Vios really looks like a dugong to me.. as much as my Perodua Myvi looks so froggy to them.. huahuahua..

I never wonder why people still buy them. You manufacturers don't give buyers much options. If it is about buyers' preference, majority of us still prefer the conventional steering wheel-position speedometer rather than the center one. Speedometer is for the driver not passenger. I'm very sure if similar new cars are produced with two options, center-mounted and steering-wheel position speedometers, definitely the later outclassed the former in a huge margin. Think about it!

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